Kenya should and have enough examples and learning experiences to know where they are heading to. Libya, during and after Gaddafi, DRC Congo; Zaire by then, after #USA assassinated PLO Lumumba, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, etc. and even our own story during 2007/08.

Unfortunately, most Kenyans continues to be ignorant of these lessons. Each and Every day, We continue to dance to our political leaders, without ever posing and thinking what happens next.

Them, they have ability to send their children and families to wherever country they want.

We as the people of Kenya must sit down, talk and decides to stick together as Nation, lets leave and for a moment forget our tribal, religious, political differences and look together as country.

We may not at times like each other, and definitely we will differ in some issues, but we must look deep withing us to that which unites us, a motherland Kenya. We must honor those who died and suffered at the hand of colonialist, to liberate this country, we must make a conscious decision to preserve this country for our future generation, we must do whatever it takes to remain as one, to face our enemies as one.

Most African countries have fallen victims of their discovered natural resources, we should learn from their mistakes and avoid doing them same.

West, have been our partners and “friends” for long; but we also know that, they will do anything withing their power; including assassinations and plugging other nations into civil wars to have a hand at their oils.

Gaddafi, may not have been the best president/leader; but its not because of love for the people of libya that the west USA, France, Britain helped overthrow him and murder him, but its his vision of a united and free Africa. Africa that controls, together it oil in the international market, an Africa that have same if not more voice in the international stage. Maybe i should talk about a better and more memorable leader, PLO Lumumba, the best leader Africa produced,  a leader who had a vision for his country, but his mistake, he looked east instead of west. He danced to Russian dance instead of the USA, and this cost him his life throwing his beloved country into war, that exist up to date. CIA as recently admitted assassinated him, not worrying what that would do the country.

Then, they blame Africa and portrays it as a dark, uncivilized nation…

is this the path we want to take…

we the people of Kenya and Africa in general must ask ourselves this question… and face the truth..




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